What is Reiki? 

Reiki, pronounced "Ray - Kee", is an ancient Japanese form of holistic healing.  It is believed that life force energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client to help heal any physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual ailment.  The energy is channeled to the chakras to help them align.  During a healing session, the practitioner may get information about the client that will be discussed during the session. This information is used to help the client better understand experiences that may be causing an energetic drain.  Untreated drainage in a chakra will eventually lead to a physical ailment.  Sometimes multiple sessions are needed to establish a solid foundation of balance in the chakras.  After the chakras have been balanced, sessions can be spread out for maintenance. 

Clients describe having physical sensations like tingling, warmth, intense relaxation, or like a weight is being lifted.  Following the session, clients often report having very deep sleep the night of or a long restful nap.  It is advised that after a session the client take some time to relax in nature or at home and avoid stimulating experiences, foods, and noise. 

How do distance reiki sessions work?

Reiki can be performed at any distance.  Using a series of tools and techniques, the practitioner can send the reiki energy to the client at any time of day, in any timezone, without issue.  During a distance session, I will ask that you allow yourself time to relax and be undisturbed for the duration of the session.  During this time, you and I will not be on the phone or communicating at all.  I will channel the reiki energy to you for roughly 30-45 minutes, then we will have a phone discussion about your experience.  During that discussion I will describe any issues I noticed and provide activities and exercises for you to resolve those issues.  Some Reiki Sessions require a follow up coaching session or more reiki sessions may be prescribed.  

What is your From Fear to Freedom and Fulfillment Program about?

This program is one I designed to help you identify a series of elements to related to your past and present to help you move into your soul’s calling. This program helps you to understand who you are at your core and guides you through practical steps to help you make more money, change career paths, start a new business, or make a total lifestyle change in honor of your goals. Participants should expect to be in this program a minimum of 2 months and no longer than 12. This is the ultimate guidance for changing your life from being stuck in a rut to breaking through trauma and fear and meeting and exceeding your wildest expectations.

Can I come in person for my session?

Canary Healing Services is located 15 minutes from downtown Washington, DC. If you are local to the area, select "In Person" when purchasing your service and next steps will be emailed to you with the confirmation.

Do you offer a discounted package for sessions or products?

Yes!  Find our Service Packages including Reiki, Coaching, Tarot, and Guided Meditation sessions with a group price. Currently our Products Packages are unavailable. Stay tuned for their grand return to the site.