Feel Centered with our Energy Healing Packages!


Service Packages

We are currently offering Energy Healing Sessions in packages of Three. You can customize your package at the time of ordering, choosing from Reiki, Strategic Coaching, and Tarot Reading +Session.

Custom Service Package: Three 60 Min Services
Workshops: ( Coming Winter 2019)


Product Packages

Products are currently discontinued. Stay tuned details on when they will be available.

Our products are the perfect accompaniments to our services. For chakra healing beyond your sessions, consider a package of soaps, oils, and scrubs to help keep your chakras healthy all day and all year.

7 Chakra Package: All Chakra products combined
Individual Chakra Package: All products for One Chakra
Salt Scrub Package: All 7 Salt Scrubs
Soap Package: All 3 Soaps
Chakra Balancing Oil: All 7 Oils
Rest & Relax Package: (Coming Soon)


**After purchase of desired service, a confirmation email will be sent including a link for selecting your date and time of service.