When at the bottom, there's only one way to go...UP!


I've witnessed people attempt to thrive and rise after hitting bottom.  For years, I've had friends, family, and strangers seek out advice, guidance, and solace in me.  It wasn't until I hit my own personal bottom that I realized I had been living a lie.  Everyday I was not myself. I put on a mask which allowed me to function in a social world that I was not built to exist in.  After losing everything -- my career, my relationship, friends, and my sense of self-- i realized, I never actually knew who I was intrinsically.  That the 'being' I wore, was not my own.  I spent an intense three years rebuilding, redefining, and ultimately realizing, that my natural inclination to be a lighthouse for people caught in the storm was not just a coincidence, but my ultimate purpose in life.  From this space, Canary was born. 

Canaries bring metaphysical symbolism inspiring the release of baggage, old wounds, and negativity, so you can fly freely through tough transitions into the light of a new and joyful chapter in your life.